Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Canterbury X-Country

Every year at Canterbury X-Country our results seem to just get better. Our running team today battled some fairly serious nerves and some fairly serious runners, but overcame both to perform to the absolute best of their abilities. We were very proud of all of our runners. Although some of our placings may look like big numbers, there were up to 120 children in each race. Just making Canterbury X-Country is a great achievement in itself. Thank you to the parents who provided transport and who came out to support our team. Huge thanks to Mrs Worthington for her efforts training the team and for her sound race advice.

Here are our Results:

Year 5 Girls:
Holly - 20th
Lily - 38th
Sophie - 42nd
Emily - 73rd
Annabel - 86th

Year 5 Boys:
Max A - 16th
Hunter - 44th
Isaac - 65th
Max M - 99th
William M  -100th

Year 6 Girls:
Eve - 22nd
Eden - 31st
Frankie - 113th

Year 6 Boys:
Josh - 5th
Finn - 10th
Lachlan - 108th

Finn and Josh with their Inter-Regional XC notices, only handed out to top 10 runners.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Zone X-Country

Wow, what an awesome morning for St Albans School! Mrs Worthington, Miss Kake and Ms Archbold could not have been any more proud of our school today as we totally dominated the NE Zone X-Country event. Our runners were fit, prepared, serious and race-ready, which showed in our results, taking out the top two spots in each race and finishing with 15 children heading to Canterbury XC plus three reserves. What an absolutely outstanding effort! Huge thanks to Mrs Worthington for all your work training the team so far. Below are all of today's results:

Year 6 Boys
Josh - 1st
Finn - 2nd
Lachlan - 4th
Makenzie - 7th
Gabe - 8th
Matthias - 14th

Year 6 Girls
Lucy - 1st
Eve - 2nd
Eden - 4th
Frankie - 7th
Lexie - 9th
Kitana - 11th

Year 5 Boys
Isaac - 1st
Max A - 2nd
Max M - 3rd
Hunter H - 4th
William M - 5th
Jonty - 7th

Year 5 Girls
Holly M - 1st
Sophie - 2nd
Emily D - 3rd
Lily Y - 4th
Annabel A - 6th
Aoife - 9th

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Hagley Sport Begins Today

This begins today. You can access the draw using the links at the side of the page or click here. Links to maps are also listed at the side of the page.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

2017 Cross-Country Results

This morning we saw a fantastic display of athleticism, endurance, determination and sportsmanship as the whole school descended on English Park to compete in this year's school cross-country. Below are the results for the top place getters, however, every person who finished the race today received points for their house. Well done everyone. Thanks to Mr McKenzie for organising the day.

Year 6 Girls
1st - Lucy
2nd - Eve
3rd - Eden
4th - Frankie
5th - Lexie
6th - Kitana
7th - Charlotte To

Year 6 Boys
1st - Josh
2nd - Finn
3rd - Lachlan
4th - Makenzie
5th - Gabe
6th - Matthias
7th - Neo

Year 5 Girls
1st - Sophie S-E
2nd - Holly M
3rd - Lily Y
4th - Emily D
5th - Annabel A
6th - Aoife
7th - Mae

Year 5 Boys
1st - Max M
2nd - Max A
3rd - Isaac
4th - William M
5th - Hunter H
6th - Jonty
7th - Louie

Year 4 Girls
1st - Georgetta     2nd - Ciara     3rd= - Lily M, Maya

Year 4 Boys
1st - Otto     2nd - Jai     3rd - Louie

Year 3 Girls
1st - Daisy     2nd - Katrina     3rd - Neave

Year 3 Boys
1st - Elias     2nd - Alex M     3rd - Archie

Year 2 Girls
1st - Ruby R     2nd - Olivia H     3rd - Lundon

Year 2 Boys
1st - Haami     2nd - Sam M     3rd - Clark

Year 1 Girls
1st - Gracie     2nd - Ella     3rd - Isabella

Year 1 Boys
1st - Hamish     2nd - Cooper     3rd - Luca

Thursday, April 6, 2017

2017 Cross Country Information

School Cross Country 2017
Wednesday May 10th pp May 11th

Please encourage your child to wear their house colours. Morning tea will be 10.25 till 10.45am. If you are coming to watch, please be seated in the two bays in the stand closest to the Port Hills. You will need to be there in plenty of time and will need to keep clear of the entrance to English Park as this is part of the course.  The course starts in English Park – goes into our school - then behind the stadium –- back into English Park and finishes in front of the stadium. The best place to watch is in the stands at English Park.

PROGRAMME:                 Start Times Are Approximate Only
Senior Team Championship Races in Year Groups (Spectators to be seated by 9.20am)
                                                  9.25                Year 6 girls      
                                                  9.40                Year 6 boys      
                                                  9.55                Year 5 girls      
                                                  10.10              Year 5 boys      

Junior Team Races in Year Groups (Spectators to be seated by 11am)
                                                  11 . 05                        Year 2 girls                        
                                                  11 . 15                        Year 2 boys      
                                                  11 . 25                        Year 1 girls      
                                                  11 . 35                        Year 1 boys      

Middle Team Races in Year Groups (Spectators to be seated by 11.45am)
                                                  11.  55                        Year 4   girls    
                                                  12 . 05                        Year 4  boys    
                                                  12 . 15                        Year 3   girls    
                                                  12 . 25                        Year 3  boys     
To qualify for the School team, runners must be 8 years or older on the 1st April and be in Yr 5 or 6.

The first 6 runners in the senior races (in each year group  - boys & girls) will represent our school at the  Zone Cross Country.

Hagley Sport


Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Junior Aquagym

Next week the junior school will be at Aquagym lessons each day. Below are the times for each class.

Rooms 4 & 23 leave school                     Lesson time 9.30        Leave Aquagym 10.15
Rooms 6 & 22 leave school 9.30 am       Lesson time 10           Leave Aquagym 10.45
Rooms 5 & 24 leave school 10 am          Lesson time 10.30      Leave Aquagym 11.15
Rooms 7&10 & 2 leave school 10.30 am Lesson time 11           Leave Aquagym 11.45

All children are expected to wear swim caps.