Monday, February 15, 2016

Hagley Draws - Fri 19th Feb

Below are the draws for this week's Hagley sport. Rippa, futsal and volleyball all play two games each week. Game 1 begins at 1.15pm and game 2 begins at 1..40pm. T-ball play 1 game beginning  at 1.15pm.

Game 1: St Albans Blue v Opawa 2, Court 7
Game 2: St Albans Blue v Elmwood B, Court 6
Game 1: St Albans Black v Paparoa St Dynamoes, Court 12
Game 2: St Albans Black v Linwood Ave United, Court 13

Rippa Rugby
Game 1: St Albans A v Elmwood A, Field 3
Game 2: St Albans A v Fendalton Dragons, Field 2
Game 1: St Albans B v Cotswold C, Field 8
Game 2: St Albans B v Fendalton Rippers, Field 9

St Albans A v Elmwood A, Field 15
St Albans B v Opawa 7, Field 21

Game 1: St Albans Blue v Linwood Ave Spikers, Court 15
Game 2: St Albans Blue v Elmwood F, Court 14
Game 1: St Albans Black v Elmwood D, Court 12
Game 2: St Albans Black v Paparoa Street 4, Court 12

Draws and Maps

Here are some links to the draws and maps for Hagley Sport this term. Draws will also be posted on this blog. There is also a link to these on the side of this page.


Rippa Rugby and T-Ball Map

Futsal Map

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Summer Sports Teams

Congratulations to the following children for making a sports team this term. There were approx. 60 children at each trial, so making a team was not easy. If you didn't make a team make sure you have another go next term.

Rippa A - Niamh, Hannah, Ruby, Tom H, Hapene, Paki, Louie, Jack M, Charlie, McKenzie

Rippa B - Kiera, Akira, Tui, Gabriel M, Jack B, Finn, Rico, Max K, Tom D, Tana.

T-Ball A - Oliver, Max W, Manaav, Thomas T, Zachariah, George D, Jake P, Lachlan, Sithum, Gabriel H, Anna, Ngaru, Lucy R

T-Ball B - Kingsley, Alfia A, Emmanuel, Jack P, Mohit, Ben P, Cohen, Regan, Logan, Eve, Isla, Charlotte.

Futsal Blue - Riley L, Lucas, Fintan, Tsatsumi, Hamish, Josh T, Sammie, Maggie, Millie H.

Futsal Black - Daniel, Jayden, Tawera, Macnamara, Brooke, Neo, Taniko, Sophia, Cindy.

Volleyball Blue - Emily H, Ella, Georgia, Eva, Onnah, Mily P, Fatai.

Volleyball Black - Willow, Elizabeth, Elenoa, Isabella C, Lily N, Kitana, Tatiana

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Sports Trials

All sports trials will be held throughout the day on Friday. Children will be allowed to trial for two sports only. This is because we have a very short timeframe to work with as Hagley sport begins next Friday (February 19th). The sports available this term are:

  • T-Ball
  • Rippa Rugby
  • Kiwi Volley
  • Futsal
  • Cricket (Girls Only)
Teams will be posted here and at school by the end of the day on Tuesday 16th.

Pool Roster

Here is the pool roster for Term 1. It is a good idea for children to bring their togs to school everyday in case their class swaps times or gets an additional swim time.


Welcome everyone to the new St Albans School sports blog. Please keep an eye on this for information about upcoming events, draws, results and photos.