Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Junior Aquagym

Next week the junior school will be at Aquagym lessons each day. Below are the times for each class.

Rooms 4 & 23 leave school                     Lesson time 9.30        Leave Aquagym 10.15
Rooms 6 & 22 leave school 9.30 am       Lesson time 10           Leave Aquagym 10.45
Rooms 5 & 24 leave school 10 am          Lesson time 10.30      Leave Aquagym 11.15
Rooms 7&10 & 2 leave school 10.30 am Lesson time 11           Leave Aquagym 11.45

All children are expected to wear swim caps.

Cricket Finals

Congratulations to the A cricket team who have made the final. This will be played at St Albans School at 1pm next Friday (April 7th).

Also, well done to the Cricket B team who very narrowly missed out on finals. They played Russley School, both teams scoring 68 runs. They lost by a wicket count back. What an awesome effort.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Sports Draws - March 17th

Hagley Draws - please use the link on the side of the page to get draws for Futsal, Rippa Rugby, Teeball and Volleyball.


A Team v West Spreydon @ West Spreydon School

B Team v Heathcote Valley @ St Albans School - This game will be on Wednesday at 1pm.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

NE Zone Swimming - Results

Today we took 23 swimmers to the NE Zone swimming sports. Although the fields were small this year, there was some very talented competition.  Below are the out results. The top two swimmers in each event go through to Canterbury Swimming Sports on April 6th.

9 Yr Boys:

2nd - Louie
3rd - Lachlan
2nd - Lachlan
3rd - Henry

9 Year Girls:
1st - Rosa
2nd - Mae
3rd - Aoife
1st - Mae
2nd - Sammie
1st - Rosa
2nd - Aoife

10 Year Boys:
1st - James
2nd - Neo
1st - Tawera
2nd - James
3rd - Josh
1st - Neo
3rd - Rico

10 Year Girls:
3rd - Georgia
3rd - Lexie
2nd - Lucy
3rd - Holly

9 Year Mixed (Rosa, Mae, Louie, Lachlan) - 1st
10 Year Mixed (Eden, Lucy, Tawera, James) - 1st

Monday, March 6, 2017

St Albans School Swimming Sports - Results

This morning we had a fantastic turn out of swimmers competing in our school swimming sports. This was the largest number of swimmers we have had in many years, which was fantastic to see. It was also great to see so many Year 4s keen to have a go. This is great preparation for next year.

Here are the results from the 50m Championship Races:

50m Backstroke
9 Year Girls: 1st - Rosa, 2nd - Aoife, 3rd - Mae
9 Year Boys: 1st - Lachlan, 2nd - Charlie R, 3rd - Louie
10 Year Girls: 1st - Lexie, 2nd - Georgia, 3rd - Emma J
10 Year Boys: 1st - James H, 2nd - Neo, 3rd - Charlie N

50m Freestyle
9 Year Girls: 1st - Rosa, 2nd - Mae, 3rd - Sammie
9 Year Boys: 1st - Louie, 2nd - Lachlan, 3rd - Isaac
10 Year Girls: 1st - Lexie, 2nd - Eden, 3rd - Lucy
10 Year Boys: 1st - Tawera, 2nd - James H, 3rd - Josh

50m Breaststroke
9 Year Girls: 1st - Rosa, 2nd - Sammie, 3rd - Aoife
9 Year Boys: 1st - Lachlan, 2nd - Bryn, 3rd - Henry
10 Year Girls: 1st - Lucy, 2nd - Lexie, 3rd - Holly
10 Year Boys: 1st - Neo, 2nd - Rico, 3rd - James